Saturday, July 31, 2010

On proportion

Grappling a lot today with the comment in Colossians 4 that our conversation should be "full of grace seasoned with salt." I think I've spent the better part of my Christian life trying to be full of salt seasoned with grace. I spend way too much time thinking of how people should be, trying to be better myself, and constantly trying to push people towards better and then throwing in a pinch of "don't worry God did everything, there's grace there."

I miss the point way too often.

It's so hard but I want to live a life where grace always comes first and foremost. Where unconditional love is freely given and freely received and through that love we are challenged, grown, made better. Through that experience we learn through the gentle leading of the Holy Spirit to be older, wiser, better. I don't know why I expect everyone around me to be perfect when, for the most part, I'm selfish and slow on the uptake when it comes to spiritual ideas.

Just a thought.

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