Sunday, July 25, 2010


Rest is such a funny thing. For me at least. I really grate against it in the states. I don't like it when it arrives, try as much as possible to fill that time with activity, with useful pursuits. But, six days in to Thailand, I am reminded how desperately I need a chance to rest, to recharge, to reenter into God's presence. This first week has been incredible and it's mostly been so because I've taken time to have talks with friends, read books, get good sleep, read my bible, listen to music. I do these things at home, certainly, but never with the amount of time that it takes to really get past the outer layers to the juicy center of these experiences.

It's also funny how once you reset and do those sorts of rest centered activities you move from doing them because they are "good for you" and into doing them because they are things that you enjoy. I really enjoy reading and had completely forgotten. I enjoy what it feels like to be well rested on an early morning and had completely forgotten. I enjoy community that challenges and grows and stretches. Well, that I remembered and that's part of the reason I came out here in the first place.

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