Monday, July 26, 2010

Reentering Civilization

It's funny, but I didn't realize until I was reading "Blue like Jazz" that I realized how socially dysfunctional I had become with community. It's amazing how living in a house with 5 kids and two of my closest friends has been like a splash of water to the face of socially awkward behavior. I'm learning to have long conversations again, the sort that don't have any real sort of deadline to speak of. I'm learning to initiate conversation again, to read people, to help out others, to be aware of others in general. It's been really nice.

I need community and for all the busyness of my life, I don't nearly seek it out enough. I need that sort of stretching and growing and challenging. It's very very cool to feel it happening. Plus, when God stuff is happening (which is happening right now) it's nice to have people to share new discoveries with, bounce ideas off of, pray with etc.

So, yeah, Thailand is kind of awesome

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