Saturday, June 13, 2009

3S1P: Allow me to introduce myself!

1) "Riffs and Variations..." Sufjan Stevens
2) "Distractions" Zero Seven
3) "A Fast Train" John Powell

I'd like a theme song. To be honest, I'd love one. Imagine for a moment. Let's take a normal every day situation. A woman at the mall drops her wallet and continues out of the store. I see it and make up the three or four steps to hand it to her before she leaves. Now, normally, she accepts it, says thank you and we both go about our business. Now imagine that same moment with a stirring score complete with violins and a horn section. How much more epic is that?!?!?! "A Fast Train" is one of the tracks off of the Bolt soundtrack. I downloaded it because I was making a video for the cross country team and wanted a song that had that sort of epic feel to it. But why should these feelings of resonance, of stirring importance, be limited to movies? Why shouldn't I bring a sort of grandeur to parallel parking? to completing my taxes? to successfully using google maps to avoid rush hour traffic? These are the epic moments that define my life. They may not be huge, but my oh my they are exciting, and boy oh boy could they use some kicking up a notch. So why can't I have a theme song?

One simple reason friends... you don't get to request a theme song! Just like nicknames, you don't get to pick your own theme songs. As Seinfeld showed us, you can't pick your own nickname or everyone would want to be called T-Bone! So tragically friends, unless a composer of note (I don't want a janky theme song) decides randomly to score my life I'm doomed to roam the earth without a soundtrack to make my life more majestic. But that doesn't stop me from picking some of my favorites and humming them to myself for extra inspiration.

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