Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Adam is Annoying... and usually right

So on my last blog post, Adam wrote a comment that really annoyed me. Well it kind of annoyed me. More so it just bothered me because he had a really good point. Well, he, Emmet, and Q had really good points. This is irrelevant. I'm rambling. Maybe coffee was a bad idea this morning. Sorry.

Anyway, Adam made a really good point about the wisdom of staying in one place for a bit and giving God a chance to do more. This got me thinking. A lot of what draws me out and makes me want to keep moving is what I want. I want adventure. I want new. I want bold. Give me challenges, new vistas, and opportunities for growth. What's funny about all this is that I rarely give God a chance to bring those things into the place that I'm at currently. It's this consistent attitude that I have to make my life to make it good. I have to shape it to get the things that I want. I undersell God a lot.

Tozer said that thinking that you could wrap your mind around God was a form of blasphemy; that thinking you, a mortal being, could understand a massive, eternal, all-powerful being was a form of arrogance. I'm realizing that there's a form of blasphemy in giving God less credit that he deserves. I never say this kind of stuff out loud, but a lot of times my attitude is that "God couldn't really do that, so I'd better take care of it on my own." The tension is trying to figure out the balance between the places where I'm being called to take a leap of faith and the places where faith is best represented by not leaping at all. That's what I'm trying to figure out in the wake of a challenging summer. When exactly am I supposed to leap and when exactly am I supposed to stand still and trust.

I'm really not sure how this is going to play out in the next months and years. I do know that I'm really bad at figuring this stuff out sometimes so I'm grateful for friends who point it out when I have a tendency to get a little myopic and start moving down a path that makes sense to me but might not be the best thing for me. So, thanks friends. For being annoying....ly wise.


Adam Heine said...

Hey, bro. If annoying is what you need, I got your back. Glad I could add to the chaos that is your decision-making. Hope it works itself out soon :-)

Whytey said...

Hey, I just hope you realize I meant it as a compliment. But yeah, it helps.