Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 in 2010

I love movies... probably more than music, which is saying something because I probably spend way too much time focusing on the latter. I especially love when film really connects, does more than entertain and I think that this was a pretty exceptional year for that. So, without further ado, here are my top 10 in 2010:

1) True Grit- I really can't say how much I loved this movie. The dialogue is incredible, Hailee Steinfeld gives the performance of a lifetime and the Coen brothers pull off the incredible feat of creating a period piece that is a subtly relevant look at justice, persistence, redemption, retribution without trying to make it unnecessarily "current." Easily my favorite film of the year.

2) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Beyond that solid special effects, the great soundtrack, and the fact that the movie is ridiculously fun, this film hit me because it's an insightful look on dating/growing up/love in the postmodern world. Better with repeated watchings.

3) Inception - Christoper Nolan can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. Inception is one of those amazing movies about how far we go to be with the ones we love and what it means to let go, oh and it also happens to be one heck of a visual wonder.

4) The King's Speech - Colin Firth, my goodness sir I had no idea how good of an actor you were. I won't say much about this one, just go see it, find a way.

5) Toy Story 3 - Another amazing movie about letting go, moving on, growing up. Pixar continues to set the standard for ensuring that animated movies have stories that match their visuals.

6) 127 Hours - Like an meticulously conceived alternate ending to "Into the Wild" I loved the ways the Danny Boyle filled the spaces of this amazing ordeal with reflections on love, family, humility, and the blessings and the curses of self-reliance.

7) The Fighter - Those with families who put the fun in dysfunctional will find this movie strangely relatable. One of the best sports movies in years and Christian Bale gives the performance of the year.

8) The Social Network - The best look at where we are and how we got here that we've seen in the last couple years. Takes an incisive look at what draws us to online communities without sounding preachy.

9) Shutter Island - So good. Best popcorn flick this year by a mile. But that's what happens when Scorcese makes a popcorn noir/thriller.

10) How To Train Your Dragon - Despite the most unfortunate name ever, this was an amazing animated film. Great look at the father/son relationship and the moment when you fully learn to be yourself.

Honorable Mention - Centurion (Loved this one, barely missed the top 10), Tangled, The Town,

Movies I haven't seen yet that I think would have had a chance to crack my top 10

Never Let Me Go - Easily one of my favorite books and what I've heard is an incredibly faithful adaptation. Can't wait for this one to be available on DVD in Feb.

Let Me In - American remake of a cult classic, directed by Matt Reeves. Yes please, still bummed I missed it.

Black Swan - All the new buzz I keep hearing keeps me interested.

Exit through the Gift Shop - C'mon folks, it's Banksy

Somewhere - Sofia Coppola, Steven Dorff... film about aging in L.A., count me in.

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Number ten is a good one